Marco Robert, Trevor Crane & Steven Napolitan have different backgrounds and different sets of skills, but together they form an unstoppable team. Most importantly, they help their clients increase their PROFITS!


After a five-year career in business management, at the age of 27 Marco opened his first restaurant, after six months of streamlining and systematizing the business he opened a second location. Within a couple years the businesses were ran without Marco's involvement. So, he sold them out, and soon after, at the age of 30, Marco had pretty much retired... until his next business project.

Following that success, in 2001, Marco started his management consulting career. To deliver impactful results for his clients he created the BOSS framework for growing and making his clients' businesses more profitable. Since then he has implemented the framework successfully with over 150 businesses from all industries in the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

Marco is recognized nationally for his keen ability to solve business problems before they create havoc in the organization; to overcome the worst business scenarios; turn businesses around and to increase business profits and business value in small and mid-size enterprises with annual sales varying from $1M to $100M.

He is a dynamic, entrepreneurial leader with hands-on experience building organizations. Marco speaks English, Spanish and French fluently.



Author of Transform Your Business, creator of Greatness Quest ®, and founder of Highly Paid Trusted Advisor and Business Mastery Academy.

For over a decade Trevor has been helping thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses and improve their lives.

His secrets to success? Working smarter, not just harder. Having the discipline to never quit. Following successful people.

Trevor started his first business at age 5, selling rocks to his next door neighbors. Eventually, he made millions in three vastly different industries: marketing, tourism & environmental protection.

One of his biggest accomplishments was coming back, after he lost everything in a $2.2 Million dollar bankruptcy.

Obsessed with entrepreneurism and personal growth, Trevor links the two, combining his knowledge of successful business strategies with personal power to help people unleash their unlimited potential.

Husband, Father, Author, Speaker, Coach & Consultant.



Producing award-winning content, Steven Napolitan has been recognized by national media as a pioneer in the new media market. Steve’s viral campaign for TaxBrain.com known as the Stolen NASCAR, reached over 40 million impressions, including 3 million unique visitors to their website in 3 weeks. Another big success was the social media campaign for the City of Tracy’s AutoMall, known as Get More, which resulted in 800 new car sales in a 10-week period, totaling over $19 million in revenue. The campaign garnered 5.9 million impressions on Facebook with an average of 1,600 click-throughs a day to the campaigns promotional website.

Steve has produced hundreds of advertising, marketing campaigns and internal promotions for many companies including Apple, Palm and Charles Schwab. He is a brand master, living and breathing brands throughout his work across all media types. He focuses on bridging the gap between a company's brand and their target markets by providing innovative marketing and communications with measurable effectiveness.

Steve’s branding and storytelling talent extend to films and television. His latest TV Series, Livin Loud, has been picked-up by MTV Australia for Primetime broadcast and is being sold to other territories around the world.

Steve produces engaging, moving content that entertains and catches the attention of your audience, while leading them to your product or service. He strategically distributes it through social media to the right target, reaching thousands to millions of unique users. Steve’s process is scalable and customizable allowing for all types of social engagement.

Ultimately, Steve is about people, relationships and the convergence of vision, focus and teamwork.